Top Up Insurance


In the event of the total loss of your vehicle (write-off or theft) TRAFICC Top-Up covers what your comprehensive policy does not, allowing you to get back on the road.

Why do I need this?

No financed deal should be finalized without it, especially if there is a residual value. If your vehicle is written off or stolen, your comprehensive insurance will not cover your outstanding  debt and you could end up paying off a loan on a vehicle that you can’t even drive. The moment you drive your vehicle off the showroom floor it loses value – as much as 30% in the first 3  months – while the amount you owe the finance company reduces at a much slower rate. Having lost your vehicle, the last thing you want to do is wonder whether or not your insurance is going to cover the loss. TRAFICC Top-Up gives you peace of mind because the balance of debt or shortfall will be covered, allowing you to replace your vehicle.

Let’s look at the benefits in more detail

  • THE SHORTFALL IS PAID. If the pay-out by the comprehensive insurer is less than the settlement balance in terms of the relevant credit agreement, TRAFICC Top-Up ensures that the shortfall is paid.
  • You will not be penalised by any UNINTENTIONAL VIOLATION. If for any reason, some term or condition in your comprehensive policy is unintentionally violated, and the non-compliance results in the rejection of your claim, TRAFICC Top-Up will pay.
  • LOYALTY BONUS – this benefit is included in your premium at no additional cost. When your vehicle is written off or stolen and you replace the vehicle, within 3 months of the loss, at the dealership (or within the dealership group) where you originally purchased the vehicle, then the loyalty bonus pays the dealership an amount towards the replacement vehicle of your choice. The loyalty bonus is:
  • 3% of Original Sum insured with a
  • minimum of R 4,000
  • maximum of R 18,000 payable
  • The EXCESS will be paid. Don’t forget the excess! Even if you take out Top-Up insurance you must remember that you are still liable for the excess on your vehicle’s comprehensive insurance policy. In the event of a shortfall, TRAFICC Top-Up will pay up to a maximum of R 3,000 of the excess payable to the comprehensive insurer. (Refer to Excess Protector option for additional cover on the next page)
  • Towing & Storage – R 750 will be paid towards the combined cost in the event of a shortfall.

Importantly TRAFICC Top-Up is a stand-alone policy which is purchased in addition to a comprehensive motor insurance policy, that covers you to at least the full market value of your vehicle.

You paid R 151,900 for your vehicle and at the time of write-off you owed R 116,250 yet the market value of your vehicle was only R 94,150 resulting in an shortfall of R 22,100 Market value R 94,150 R 22,100 shortfall Traficc Top-Up pays up to R 25,850* + R 4,557**

(*includes up to R 3,000 toward the excess and R 750 for towing and storage if applicable
**LOYALTY BONUS: If the vehicle is replaced at the dealership where you bought the original vehicle – an additional amount of R 4,557 would be payable as a loyalty bonus to facilitate you getting back onto the road.)

TRAFICC Top–Up is ideal protection

  • It’s easy – all you need is a comprehensive insurance policy on your vehicle
  • It makes financial sense – it guarantees you against financial loss so you can get back on the road
  • It’s convenient – payments are simply added to your monthly vehicle repayments or we can set up a separate debit order
  • It’s accessible – anyone who has a valid driver’s licence can get it
  • It’s immediate – you’re covered from the moment you sign

Plus these FANTASTIC additional options

  • DEPOSIT PROTECTOR. Protect the investment in your vehicle. Where you have paid a deposit in terms of the credit agreement, the TRAFICC Top-Up will pay a pro rata portion of your deposit for the remainder of the credit agreement limited to the lesser of:
    • 25% of purchase price,
    • R 100,000 or
    • Actual deposit paid.
  • The benefit payable in Year 1 – 80%, Year 2 – 70%, Year 3 – 60%, Year 4 – 55%, Year 5 & thereafter – 50%
  • EXCESS PROTECTOR. Most motor comprehensive policies have a minimum excess of 5% of the claim with a minimum payment of R 2,500. On total loss the Excess Protector will pay the lesser of
    • R 50,000,
    • 10% of market value or
    • The actual excess.
  • INSTALMENT PROTECTOR covers actual instalments paid from date of total loss, limited to 2 months’ instalments.

What, where & how

  • TRAFICC Top-Up covers roadworthy light motor and delivery motor vehicles, mini busses, panel vans & motorcycles with a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3 500kg
  • TRAFICC Top-Up covers you in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique
  • You have a maximum indemnity of up to R 2,000,000
how can we help you?

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