Mechanical Warranties


Don’t let the UNEXPECTED CLANK BREAK YOUR BANK. Your absolute peace of mind that when your vehicle breaks down with mechanical or electrical failure you have extra special protection against the unexpected high repair bill.

Why do I need this?

Because vehicles break down! Major mechanical or electrical failure can break your bank. The TRAFICC TORQUE MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN WARRANTY program protects you from costly and unexpected vehicle repairs.

The financial cost of these repairs can be devastating. A new engine, gearbox, differential or clutch can wipe out your savings with one cruel clank. The technological advances in motor vehicle engineering and electronic components have made the cost of motor repairs almost outside the average motorist’s affordability. Is it worth the gamble? Every cent counts and by purchasing the Traficc Torque Warranty for your vehicle you are protecting yourself from the unnecessary stresses and anxiety that come with the responsibilities of owning a vehicle.

Don’t let a major mechanical failure break your bank

The smart choice is to spend a little extra on the vehicle by purchasing the warranty now rather than to spend thousands later on a repair. Remember, it does not matter how good the reputation of your vehicle is – a car is a car and it gets worn down just like people do. In fact one in 3 cars comes with a hidden history. The Traficc Torque Warranty is there to give you, the owner, peace of mind and reassurance. Our lives are full of worries, and while Traficc Torque Warranties will not prevent your motor from failing you, it will at least take care of the financial worries that come with such failure.

You need to ask yourself the question: If your vehicle experienced electrical or mechanical failure today, would you have enough money readily  available for the repairs? The Traficc Torque Warranties protect you against the unexpected & costly out-of-pocket expenses associated with vehicle repairs that extend beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The Traficc Torque Warranties cover major components such as engine, transmission, front and rear wheel drive, front suspension, steering, electrical, and air conditioning, as well as rental car reimbursement and 24-hour roadside assistance.

The Traficc Torque Warranties are the most comprehensive specified component cover in the market. Depending on the cover that your vehicle requires and what you can afford it offers several levels and options of mechanical breakdown cover – giving you the opportunity to choose a plan that meets your specific needs. The cost of coverage can be included in your monthly vehicle payment or purchased separately.

If you are buying a new vehicle or if your vehicle is still covered by its original manufacturer’s warranty, our TRAFICC Torque N•M range of warranties have been designed and developed to complement the vehicle’s factory warranty. Recent trends indicate that consumers are keeping their vehicles longer, which often leaves them unprotected when their factory warranty expires.

The TRAFICC Torque N•M warranty provides the comfort that you are not only protected beyond the expiry of your factory warranty but also protected against the risk of inflation with unlimited cover on 28 specified major components.

What makes the Traficc Torque Warranties ideal?

  • It’s accessible – no hidden agenda’s or confusing jargon, so what you see is what you get
  • It’s convenient: It covers a huge range of parts, including the engine, gearbox, clutch, electrics and suspension for up to two years and for unlimited kilometers
  • It makes financial sense: the warranty is transferable, so it adds to the resale value of the vehicle
  • It’s easy: You choose the appropriate level of cover based on how much you can afford and the type of vehicle you have
  • Most importantly – making a claim won’t change the cost of the warranty

Consequential Damage unlike most mechanical warranties, the Traficc Torque Warranties cover consequential damage. More than that – it covers the loss of or damage to an Insured component caused by the failure of another component – regardless of whether the damaging component is covered in the warranty or not.

Wear & Tear The Traficc Torque Warranties give you 2 options (50% or 100% cover) to protect yourself against mechanical or electrical failure caused by fair wear & tear. Importantly, the intention of the Traficc Torque Warranties is not to turn old vehicles into new vehicles, and therefore NORMAL Wear & Tear of components, which does not result in actual mechanical or electrical failure, is not covered.

NB: All policies include complimentary roadside assistance with Europ Assistance

This is accessible to Motor Vehicles, On & Off Road Motor Cycles and ATVs
Traficc in partnership with Europ Assistance offers you 24 hour roadside emergency anywhere within South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland
Roadside Assistance Telephone Number: 086 100 0320
Roadside assistance claims are available 24/7, 365

For the benefits of the Roadside Assistance, please download the below PDF

  Roadside – EA

How to lodge a claim

  1. Call Traficc’s claims centre on 0861 872 3422
  2. Traficc will direct you to an approved repairer
  3. All repair work must be authorised in advance
  4. Traficc will pay the authorised repairer directly for the approved amount
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