Dent Repair Solution (DRS)

Don’t worry about THE LITTLE DINGS IN LIFE! The TRAFICC Dent Repair Solution (DRS) provides for the removal of minor dents, scratches and windscreen chips & cracks, keeping your car in showroom condition.

Why do I need this?

Because Dings Happen! Sooner or later even the most pristine vehicle will get a ding, scratch or chipped windscreen. There are, after all, only two kinds of cars: those with dents, and those that will get them. The world is filled with careless drivers, clumsy pedestrians, poles and shopping carts that go out of their way to diminish not only the look of your ‘perfect’ vehicle but its value too. And if this isn’t bad enough the driving conditions and road surfaces in your area will probably lead to stone chip damage to your windscreen and bodywork. Traficc Dent Repair Solution is a maintenance plan that can protect your investment from the day to day perils of everyday driving, helping to keep your vehicle in showroom condition without ever losing your No Claim Bonus.

I already have comprehensive insurance – why should I buy Traficc DRS?

Traficc Dent Repair Solution is a maintenance plan that covers the minor damage that would typically fall in the excess of your comprehensive insurance. So you no longer have to compromise your monthly budget or your No Claims Bonus to ensure your car stays in tip top condition! Should your claim exceed the prescribed benefit limit you have the option of paying in the difference. Traficc recommends panel beaters who can take care of your repairs for you. But if they are too far from home or you already have your own personal preferred panel beater you can have your repairs done at a registered and recognised panel beater of your choice. Should you decide to sell your vehicle the Traficc Dent Repair Solution is transferable to its next owner, so it doesn’t just maintain the value of your vehicle by repairing minor damages – it also potentially increases your vehicle’s resale value.

What, where & exclusions

  1. TRAFICC D2B covers light motor vehicles, mini-buses, light delivery vehicles, panel vans and motorcycles with a gross mass not exceeding 3500kg which are used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and travelling to and from your place of work.
  2. Excludes vehicles used to carry trade goods for business purposes.
  3. The benefits are:
  • For a maximum of 60 months.
  • Up to R3,000 per repair.
  1. One maintenance application per month.
  2. The TRAFICC DRS on your vehicle is transferable to the next owner.
  3. Benefits limited to the Republic of South Africa.

Importantly – The TRAFICC DRS is a maintenance plan that saves you from using your comprehensive insurance. Providing the damage is within specifications, repairs exceeding the maximum benefits will not be disallowed – we give you the option of paying the difference between the actual repair cost and the maximum benefit out of your own pocket. 

The TRAFICC DRS is ideal protection

  • It’s easy – you pay a once-off premium
  • It makes financial sense – it saves your No Claim Bonus
  • It’s convenient – dings can be repaired at any registered and recognised panel beater in your area
  • It’s accessible – the benefit can be used once per month
  • It’s immediate – you can utilise the benefits from the moment you sign
  • Its transferable – should you decide to sell your vehicle

Use our handy ruler to measure the damage on your vehicle…

How to apply for maintenance

  1. Call our claims centre on 0861 – TRAFICC (0861-872 3422) for pre-approval.
  2. Complete a Vehicle Status Report – if required we will send you the details of our preferred and approved repairer.
  3. Once we approve your application – take your vehicle to the approved repairer.
  4. Traficc will pay the repairer directly for the approved amount.
  5. Should the repair amount exceed the maximum benefit, you will pay the difference yourself.

The Traficc DRS gives you the peace of mind that you can keep your vehicle looking new for years to come without breaking the bank. A minimal investment with a positive return!

The specifications for repairs include

  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) of dents with a diameter of 150mm or less
  • Brush touches and polishing of Minor Scratches < 150mm
  • Chips of an area not exceeding 1.5mm
  • Tar Removal from bodywork
  • Windscreen chip repair where the run is less than 100mm in length or a chip has a diameter of less than 16mm or a 10c coin.
  • Repairs of damaged wheels and alloy rims
  • The TRAFICC DRS is a 5 year plan
how can we help you?

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