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Traficc International Programs

TRAFICC is an Underwriting Manager who specializes in the management of niche insurance companies and cell captives. We create programs that are tailored to our customer’s requirements through developing solutions that enable them to expand on its financial services offering through the sales and distribution of insurance products which are innovative, relevant, desirable and risk managed. These programs facilitate OWNERSHIP of the insurance business thereby creating new revenue streams and enhancing current earnings. Businesses that operate in multiple countries benefit by having a centralized insurance solution.

From structuring our customer’s insurance programs to managing claims, Traficc’s International Programs are complete turnkey, full-service offerings that are perfectly aligned with our customer’s brand and strategies. Each program is allied with local regulations and is centrally managed.

These programs are relevant to the insurance industries relating to bancassurance, micro-finance, motor and retail. They include but are not limited to

  • Management of the entire portfolio
  • Product innovation and design which includes:
  • Drafting of policy wordings, disclosures and applications
  • Determining and commercializing appropriate benefits and pricing
  • Assessing the necessity for reinsurance
  • Policy fulfilment
  • Policy administration
  • Premium collection – specialising in the control of collecting monthly premiums
  • Claims administration
  • Financial reporting
  • Product training through a “train the trainer” approach
  • Design and production of marketing material
  • Assistance with IT system integration
  • Data building and analysis thereof
  • Assistance and advice in dealing with regulatory and compliance issues
  • Assistance and advice in establishing appropriate remuneration structures

Because the needs of our customer’s differ from country to country, so do our products and services. Please contact TRAFICC for details about finding your optimal solution.

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